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Fire Detection Sensors
System Sensor wired smoke and heat detectors install quickly and
easily. Point identification and maintenance alert capabilities make it
easy to identify the detector in alarm and simplify service and

BK-4WTB  System Sensor Wired Smoke and Heat Detector
Four Wire Smoke Detector - Great for direct replacement of
older smoke detectors that require 4 wires!

  • Detection:  Photoelectric
  • Wiring:  4-wire
  • Heat Sensor:  135°F (57.2°C) fixed
  • Operating Voltage:  12/24 V non-polarized nominal, 8.5 min. to 35 max.
  • Maximum Ripple Voltage:  30% of nominal (peak to peak)
  • Alarm Current:  20mA max. @12V, 23mA @24V
  • Standby Current:  50 µA max. avg., 100 µA peak
  • Temperature Range:  32° to 100°F (0° to 37.8°C)
  • Humidity Range:  0% to 95% RH, noncondensing
  • Freeze Trouble:  41°F (5°C)
  • Sensitivity:  2.5%/ft. nominal
  • Wiring Gauge:  14-22 AWG
  • Dimensions:  2.0" (51mm) H x 5.3" (127mm) Dia.
  • Weight:  6.3 oz. (178 g)

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