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You operate your security system by entering your security code at
the keypad. Generally located at entry doors, keypads can arm and
disarm with push-button ease, and literally put security at your family’
s fingertips! Good features to look for include illuminated keys to
provide you with greater visibility at nighttime, easy-to-read English
displays that spell out your system’s status at a glance, and one-
touch function keys that provide single-button operation for arming,
disarming or emergencies. Most keypads even offer convenient
additional user codes to give friends, neighbors or service people
access to your home.

Ademco/Honeywell offers a wide variety of flexible, easy-to-use
keypads that put security and convenience at your fingertips:

6271CV - Color Touch Center Keypad With Voice
With its large, color touchscreen display that can be customized for
the dealer or end-user, Honeywell’s 6271CV color graphical
touchscreen keypad with voice helps dealers close more sales and
increase customer retention. Dealers can increase their advertising
exposure by displaying their company name or logo on the
homescreen and increase end-user referrals by putting a picture
and name of the homeowner’s family on a bright, colorful interface.

ALL Vista panels require at least one 6160 (or 6160V) for system

Spec Sheet

Installation Manual

Owner's Manual
icons guiding end-users every step of the way. Voice
annunciation of system status and zone information adds an
extra level of protection and peace of mind. The convenient
message center keeps family members in touch by letting them
record and playback messages for one another.


  • Customizable homescreen for end-users
  • External MMC card slot for fast homescreen
    customization or software upgrades
  • Intuitive touchscreen display with icons and menu driven
  • Voice annunciation of zone # and type of emergency
    during alarm situation and system status during normal
  • Family message center – Record and playback
    messages for family members – Over two minutes of
    recordable time – Blinking LED indicates a message has
    been sent
  • Entry/Exit Delay countdown displayed
  • Authorized end-user can add or delete user codes
  • View entire zone list with status of each zone
  • End-user can quickly bypass zones from zone list

Control Panel  
Max. No. of 6270's

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