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PIR Motion Sensors
A passive infrared motion detector (PIR) is an electronic security device that
detects intruders by "sensing" motion or body heat in the area being protected.
Most PIRs are designed to be used when your family is away from home or when
no one will be passing through the area "covered" by the PIR.

Recent innovations in security technology have resulted in the creation of "pet
immune" motion detectors-allowing dog and cat lovers to enjoy the same level of
provide "pet immunity" for animals weighing up to 80 lbs. Pet immune PIRs allow
your pet to move about freely but can still detect an intruder’s movement.  

Ademco/Honeywell has alarm detection sensors for wired, wireless and V-Plex

5800PIR-RES  Wireless PIR Motion Detector
with Pet Immunity (80 Lbs)
to-install sensor featuring a sleek, compact design that is ideal for applications
switches or disassembly, fewer mounting restrictions and an automatic walk test
mode that turns on the walk test LED for ten minutes—saving installers trips up
the ladder. Other notable optional features include fewer service calls thanks to a
long-life battery and empty cases which allow designers and end-users to
custom-paint the motion detectors to match any residential or commercial
setting. The 5800PIR-RES blends perfectly with all of the 5800 Series family of
sensors for a seamless look.


  • Range – 35’ x 40’ (11 m x 12 m) pattern
  • 80 lbs (36 Kg) of animal immunity
  • Faster and Easier to Install
  • Specific features that contribute to this benefit include:
    – Automatic walk test
    – No DIP switches/jumpers  
    – No mounting height adjustments to play with
    – PCB does not need to be removed to install on wall
    – Ceiling and wall mounting brackets help to easily direct the pattern
    where needed
    – 7'-9' mounting height means less restrictions than current offerings
    – Easy opening case
    – Covered PCB means less installer initiated damage
  • Fewer Service Calls
    Incorrect installation of equipment or changing requirements of the site
    (new pets) is no longer a problem
    – Automatic walk test means not forgetting to turn off LED
    – Longer battery life
    – End-user replaceable batteries
    – Black bug guard means 15% fewer false alarms due to bright lights
    directed into the PIR
  • Smaller/Better with a Family Look
    The new PIRs are 50% smaller. Also, dealers can install one family look
    whether they use hardwired, V-Plex or wireless in order to complete the
    job. In addition, if the dealers need to mix and match technologies, the
    look of the installation is consistent.
  • Less Costly Maintenance
  • Only one battery to replace.

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