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Generally located at entry doors, keypads can arm and disarm with push-button
ease, and literally put security at your family’s fingertips! Good features to look for
read English displays that spell out your system’s status at a glance, and one-
touch function keys that provide single-button operation for arming, disarming or
You operate your security system by entering your security code at the keypad.
emergencies. Most keypads even offer convenient additional user codes to give
friends, neighbors or service people access to your home.

Ademco/Honeywell offers a wide variety of flexible, easy-to-use keypads that put
security and convenience at your fingertips:

4286 - VISTA Interactive Phone Module (VIP)
from the home or any remote location. You can check security system status,
high quality voice output, with its large vocabulary, verbally identifies open
zones and prompts your customer to take appropriate action.

  • Select from a large vocabulary for voice description of zones
  • Enhanced menu-driven high quality voice output messages:
    -Identify open zones: "Bedroom Window"
    -Prompt actions: "ARMED AWAY; EXIT NOW"
  • On-site or remote phone operation (including cellular phones):
    -Check status, arms and disarms system
    -Operate lights, appliances and air conditioning with appropriate
  • Dimensions: 6 7/16" W x 1 1/4" D x 4 1/4" H
  • Controls remote console connection points
  • 12VDC, 220mA DC


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